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Case Study Library This online image library gives you a first-hand look at actual flips from the professional career of author Elisa Zheng Covington. Each flip matches with an example given in the text, to provide the "whole picture" of what a successful flip looks like!
Staging Examples Library Staging a home can make the difference between a flipping failure and a sales success. Draw inspiration from the examples in this online image library, showcasing different styles and ideas, in order to make your next flip unforgettable.
House Flip Deal Analyzer Reach for this essential Excel workbook every time you take a look at a new property to make sure you are only making moves on winning properties and passing lackluster properties by.
Comparable Market Analysis Workbook This Excel workbook is designed to help you analyze comparable properties based on key metrics in an effort to determine the value of a target property by comparing it to similar ones that were recently sold.
Renovation Tasks Checklist Hit the ground running on a new property with this task checklist, a tool that will save you time, money, and frustration with every use.
Prepare-for-Closing Checklist The faster your property sells, the faster you can realize a return on your investment. Nothing is more frustrating than a deal that falls through in the final stages—using this essential tool, you’ll never miss a step.
Comprehensive House Flipper's Checklist Track red flags that point to a bad investment, track your budget, evaluate properties and more with this comprehensive Excel workbook built specifically for new house flippers. Stay organized, stay on track, and flip that house!
Contractor's Contract Template Very few house flippers can (or want to) do it all. You’re going to be working with contractors, and this helpful template helps keep that working relationship productive, profitable, and easy to manage.

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