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Accounting QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13: 978-1945051791

Resolved 4/6/2022

The solution to question nine (solution can be found on pages 183-184, question can be found on page 176) has been corrected. The solution now accurately reflects the correct net income value on the retained earnings statement and balance sheet of $45,000.

Resolved 8/3/2021

Figure 36 on page 81 has been updated to reflect an Owner's Contribution of 100,000

Figure 68 on page 116 has been updated to reflect the surrounding text.

Resolved 3/17/2021

Text on page 39 has been updated to clarify the relationship between net income and the calculation of earnings per share as described in an example earlier in the chapter.

The solution to question nine (solution can be found on page 183, question can be found on page 176) has been corrected. The solution now accurately reflects the inclusion of a website expense of $5,000.

Resolved 2/3/2021

Figure 31 on page 74 has been updated to accurately reflect the $750 expense record in the Owner's Equity column.

Figure 49 on page 90 has been updated to accurately reflect the example in the text, specifically the entry for notes payable under liabilities.

Resolved 1/12/2021

Figures 30-36 on pages 74-81 have been updated to increase the clarity of the example they relate to. These changes also eliminate any discrepancies within the text. A complete list of changes can be found below.

a) Fg. 30 - All three instances of 25,500 changed to 25,000
b) Fg. 31- Both instances of 25,500 changed to 25,000
c) Fg 32. - Both instances of 25,500 changed to 25,000
d) Fg. 35 - Entry 77,715 changed to 77,565
e) Fg. 36 - Entry 77,565 changed to 77,715

Day Trading QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13: 978-1945051814

Resolved 3/24/2021

Text surrounding figure 30 on pages 132-133 has been updated for clarity. The text now reads:

See how 2800 was a source of resistance in Oct, Nov and Dec. Also, again in Feb and March. Then notice how it because a source of support in April and May before finally breaking through to find new support in June at 2700. It bounced off of 2700 and then rallied above 2800 in June, signaling that a breakout move to the upside was underway.

Text in the last paragraph on page 159 has been corrected to read:

If the MACD line moves above the signal line.

HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13 : 978-1636100005

Resolved 10/14/2022

The image "espresso-machine-690498_1280.jpg" in the GitHub directory "Davids-Perfect-Cup" has been updated to "background.jpg" to be consistent with the file naming convention detailed within the text. This change is related to the example on page 222.

Resolved 8/23/2021

Snippet 09-17.html on page 153 has been corrected so that the first line reads as follows

<div class="error-message">

Resolved 8/11/2021

The text in the last sentence of the first paragraph on page 210 has been updated to correct a typo. It should read as follows:

For example, if we had a graphic with two rows of three images, and all were 40 pixels by 40 pixels, we would specify url(*/img/sprites.png) -80px -40px; to show the third image on the second row.

Lean Six Sigma QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13 : 978-1945051142

Resolved 12/21/2020

Figure 47 on page 119 has been updated. The formula denominator was corrected from "N(2S+1)S" to "N(2A+1)S".

Options Trading QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13 : 978-1-945051-05-0

Resolved 1/20/2022

The intrinsic value formula on page 24 has been updated to correct a typo. The correct formula should read:

current stock price - call option strike price = intrinsic value

Python QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13: 978-1-63610-035-7

Resolved 03/18/24

The line "return temps" near the bottom of the code snippet on page 131 has been updated to remove an erroneous space of one tab to the left.

Real Estate Investing QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13: 978-1-945051-56-2

Resolved 10/19/21

Figure 51 and the surrounding text on page 114 has been updated to reflect an NPV calculation of $46,119 for the example "Investment B." This revision corrects the previously stated NPV value of $92,393.

Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13: 978-1-63610-008-1

Resolved 5/19/22

The digital asset callout on page 201 has been updated to reflect the selection of free digital assets available for Rental Property Investing QuickStart Guide.

SQL QuickStart Guide
ISBN-13 : 978-1945051753

Resolved 12/1/2021

Text on page 59 has been updated to reflect the example detailed in figure 37.

Resolved 2/17/2021

Clarification for Fig. 42 on page 67 as follows:

There are some subtle differences between various versions of SQL--SQLite treats modulo as follows. The % operator changes the data type of both its operands to type INTEGER then computes the remainder after dividing the left integer by the right integer. This means the result will be an integer. SQL Server, for example, simply returns the remainder of the value after the division. If the value going decimal number then the result will be a decimal number.

This clarification expands on the contents of the named figure and surrounding text and does not materially change any of the information or concepts presented in the chapter.