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This brand-new book is the latest in the bestselling QuickStart Guide series and is the simplest, most digestible, and most approachable book for crypto newcomers and investors written to date! 

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In Cryptocurrency QuickStart Guide, Dr. Jonathan Reichental draws from his decades of experience as a technology and business leader, tech entrepreneur, and classroom instructor to break down exactly how crypto works and what newcomers to the space need to know.  

Cryptocurrency QuickStart Guide is available now on Amazon and is climbing the new release charts. It is available in paperback and Kindle formats and each copy comes with free downloadable digital assets that enhance your learning journey and are yours to keep! 

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Crypto Fundamentals

This thorough and approachable look at the world of cryptocurrency is the perfect starting point for anyone embarking on their own crypto journey.

Bitcoin and Beyond

Get a deeper look at the mechanics of Bitcoin plus an expanded look at the differences between leading coins, the Ethereum network, and altcoins.

Crypto Mechanics

How to invest in exchanges using a secure crypto wallet, how crypto mining works, and how to store, trade, and safeguard your digital assets.

The Future of Money

Where Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins are headed and what investors need to know. Don't get stuck in the past!




  • Crypto Portfolio Management Workbook
  • Crypto Research and Analysis Link Library
  • Major Cryptocurrencies Library
  • Access to Read Immediately



  • Crypto Portfolio Management Workbook
  • Crypto Research and Analysis Link Library
  • Major Cryptocurrencies Library
  • Access to Read Immediately



  • Crypto Portfolio Management Workbook
  • Crypto Research and Analysis Link Library
  • Major Cryptocurrencies Library
  • Access to Read Immediately



  • ✔ Crypto Portfolio Management Workbook
  • ✔ Crypto Research and Analysis Link Library
  • ✔ Major Cryptocurrencies Library
  • ✔ Access to Read Immediately



  • ✔ Crypto Portfolio Management Workbook
  • ✔ Crypto Research and Analysis Link Library
  • ✔ Major Cryptocurrencies Library
  • ❌ Access to Read Immediately

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Chapter 1 – The Present, Past, and Future of Money

Chapter 2 – How Cryptocurrencies Work

Chapter 3 – The Role of Cryptography

Chapter 4 – Bitcoin

Chapter 5 – Ethereum

Chapter 6 – Altcoins

Chapter 7 – Tokens

Chapter 8 - Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

Chapter 9 - Trading Cryptocurrency

Chapter 10 - Investing in Cryptocurrency

Chapter 11 – Mining Crypto for Profit

Chapter 12 – DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Chapter 13 – Different Countries, Different Approaches

Chapter 14 – What's Next


About the Author

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Crypto Portfolio Manager

Experienced crypto investors know that knowledge is power. This helpful tool brings all your crypto investments together into one place for an at-a-glance look at performance no matter whether your coins are stored in one or more wallets or exchanges.


Major Cryptocurrencies Library

Start here with a summary of the largest cryptocurrencies in the sector along with information about each.


Crypto Research and Analysis Link Library

All investments, crypto or otherwise, require due diligence. Use these resources curated by the author himself to evaluate mainstream coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, alt coins, and more when considering whether or not to invest.


If the last decade has taught us anything it’s that crypto is here to stay. Whether you want to catch up to others who have had a head start or want to start investing today there has never been a better time to learn how crypto works. 

  • Cryptocurrencies represent a unique investment opportunity from direct investment to portfolio diversification to investment in crypto companies and more. Learning exactly how cryptocurrencies work helps new investors navigate a blockchain-powered financial landscape with confidence.
  • Like traditional cash, cryptocurrency needs to be kept safe. Learning how crypto works and how to secure your crypto assets helps keep you and your hard-earned money safe.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new technology and can be complicated to the uninitiated. Learning how they work in a straightforward and beginner-friendly environment means less stress, less frustration, and no more fear of missing out. 
  • Cryptocurrencies have the potential to disrupt the way we think about and use money. Whether you are a long-time investor or brand new to the crypto space, no one wants to be the last person to understand how these changes could impact the future of finance! 


New or existing crypto investors who want to better understand cryptocurrencies on a technical level and make more informed investments 

People who feel overwhelmed by contradictory or inflated information surrounding the crypto space or anyone who is interested in learning more about the future of digital currencies 

Bitcoin investors who want to buy and sell their coins or branch out into mining or altcoins

❌ This book ISN'T for people who just want to impress others with a deep library of crypto jargon—this book keeps things as simple and approachable as possible! 



Dr. Jonathan Reichental, PhD. is a multiple-award-winning technology and business leader and author whose career has spanned both the private and public sectors. In 2017 Dr. Reichental was named one of the top 100 CIOs in the world. He holds several degrees including a PhD in information systems. He is the founder of Human Future, an advisory, investment, and education firm, and he creates online education for LinkedIn Learning, where he has reached over a million students. 



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